Q. Where can we collect our EVENT BIBS from?

A. Once registered a medical form with your bib number/s will be posted to the individual/team captain prior to the event day. This form is to be handed in to the relevant sign in marquee on the morning of the event where you will then be allocated your bib/s for the day. 


Q. Does it matter which bib I choose to wear on the day?

A. Yes. A new bib recording system has been put in place, which scans participants through each checkpoint, indicating name and team to checkpoint staff. This is why each bib is allocated SPECIFICALLY to individuals upon registration and MUST NOT CHANGE.


Q. Must we meet the minimum taxable deductible donation? 

A. Yes, you must raise the minimum donation per your category. Failure to do so could restrict entry into future events.


Q. Can we have more than 4 people per team?

A. No, but you are welcome to walk with other teams if you have a larger group of people interested in participating.


Q. Does my team have to stick together the entire length of the trail?

A. Yes, the Operation Flinders Challenge is a team event and all teams must check-in and check-through each Checkpoint together.


Q. Must all teams start at the allocated times?

A.  Yes.


Q. When do I receive my bib?

A. Your bib will be given to you at the time of signing in on the morning of the event when you hand over your team medical questionaire. This is to ensure that all medical forms are received and also allows the event staff to know exactly who is participating on the weekend.


Q. Must I have a support team?

A.  It is strongly recommended in the 85km event. You should travel as lightly as possible along the trail and your support team meets you with food, a change of clothes, night gear, etc. It is unreasonable to expect you to carry everything you’ll need for entire event.


Q. Can our support team walk with us for part of the trail?

A. Yes. 


Q. Will my mobile phone work?

A. There are some areas of the trail where mobile phones do not work. Teams are required to carry phones on two different networks to extend the coverage.


Q. What should we wear?

A. Non-chafing training clothes. Make sure they are light weight and comfortable. Be prepared for the cold, particularly at night.


Q. Are trainers or hiking boots better for this event?

A. It is up to you. Experienced walkers are divided on this point so the best thing to do is get training on the trail and find out what is best for you. Some also prefer to have spare shoes (and socks) so they can switch back and forth during the event.


Q. What facilities are at the Checkpoints?

A. Check-in and check-through desks, toilets, water (cold and boiling), basic provisions (fruit, bread, jam and soup) and first aid facilities. Most Checkpoints also give you the opportunity to meet up with your support team (relatives/friends helping your team with comfort, encouragement, change of clothes, other food & beverages).


Q. When is the latest possible registration date? 

A. Registrations will close Monday the 25th September 2017. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.